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September 27, 2017
Issue #134

The 6 Ws Of Permian Basin Frac Sand Mining

Infill Thinking founder and principal research analyst Joseph Triepke will present an overview of the Permian Basin frac sand rush as part of a panel including senior executives from three Permian sand producers. The presentation will be delivered Thursday morning September 28, 2017 in Houston.

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Twin Eagle Sand acquires West Virginia frac sand terminal

Twin Eagle Sand Logistics LLC announced last week it has acquired a frac sand terminal near Bridgeport, West Virginia, from Process Transloading Bridgeport.

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Hi-Crush digs deep into West Texas sands

Houston’s Hi-Crush Partners is digging deep into West Texas, and celebrating the opening of its frac sand mine at Kermit. “We’re pleased we’re able to generate good-paying, stable jobs and excited to be Kermit,” Laura Fulton, chief financial officer, said in a phone interview.

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Economics of Fracking in Texas May Shift with Planned Frac Sand Projects

A slew of planned West Texas frac sand mines and processing facilities could dramatically shift the economics of extracting Oil & Gas in Texas using hydraulic fracturing, according to speakers on September 13 at the 5th Frac Sand Conference in Denver, Colorado. The conference, attended by about 130 people, was organized by Industrial Minerals Events (London, England.)

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In the Permian Basin, will geology or technology prevail?

Based on Mackenzie Wood’s recent update of breakeven benchmarks for the lower 48 states, the Permian Basin is big and getting bigger. By 2025, the basin could produce up to 5 million barrels per day, according to the Houston-based energy analytics firm.

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Read The Preferred Sands Response To Recent In-Basin 40/70 Criticism

The debate around in-basin 40/70 grade frac sand quality heated up earlier this week when one Permian sand producer argued vigorously that customers will not buy local 40/70 because it is too fine and fragile. Preferred Sands, whose West Texas reserve profile is 50% 40/70, shared their response to this criticism with Friday morning.

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New Oil Zones In Canada Still Being Discovered

Napoleon is credited with the saying-I would rather have my generals be lucky than good. And that's a good saying for Yangarra Resources, as they discovered how prolific the Lower Cardium, or "Bioturbated Zone" is in Alberta's massive Cardium formation--all by accident.

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New Bakken Well Design And Its Viability At Today's Oil Price

Enhanced completions continue to be a sizable question mark with respect to well economics. Many think production per foot has capped out, but integration of new designs is not 100%. Operators continue to increase the expansion of this type, and the size of frac jobs as a whole. The bearish narrative seems focused on higher costs. Frac sand and fluids are only part of the equation in concert with labor costs. Logistics could also effect the bottom line, as there are concerns in west Texas. Some core areas have limited inventory, which could be problematic.

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Better than expected DJ Basin production (thanks to increased proppant usage) pushes up Noble's sales

Better than expected production increases in its DJ Basin acreage has caused Noble Energy to increase its Q3 oil production volumes and sales volumes. Strong performance in the Wells Ranch and East Pony created the increase, pushing production volumes into new guidance range of 126,000 bpd to 130,000 bpd—a 4 percent increase over previous expectations. News of the guidance increase helped raise Noble’s stock by roughly 3 percent to nearly $28. Following the production guidance upgrade, Noble has also increased its full year sales volume expectations to a new range between 342 and 352 mboe/d.

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Shale Support is growing operations

Within Pearl River County and Hancock County is a company that mines and processes a number of aggregates for a number of uses. One aggregates mined by Shale Support is sand, which is used as a proppant in the fracking industry, said Shale Support President Jeff Bartlam. Proppants are materials used to maintain the openings in oil and gas deposits once drilling and fracking efforts have found them.

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Another Texas Commodity Getting Red Hot

Texas is the motherlode when it comes to decade after decade of oil and gas production in the U.S., and the Permian basin is widely considered to hold some of the best rock in the country for oil production from shale formations. In addition, the industry’s Permian operators are learning how to best optimize their completion designs to get more production out of every Permian well.

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Local Media In West Texas Now Reporting That A DSL Listing Petition Is Imminent

The local press in West Texas reports that a listing petition is to be filed imminently. This could impact both Permian E&P and frac sand producers.

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Environmentalists Blitz The W. TX Sand Miners, TCP, & E&P

A leading environmentalist group has issued a new report on sand production in the Permian Basin and it’s impact on the dune sagebrush lizard. The report says sand mining is a threat to the lizard that overshadows all the rest. Login to get the details on this new development.

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Report: Sand miners disturbing threatened West Texas lizard's habitat

Sand mining operations in oil-rich West Texas have disturbed at least 292 acres of a threatened lizard’s habitat this year — and could impact up to 23,000 acres, according to an advocacy group's analysis published Monday.

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Sand mines draw scrutiny over lizard

The environmental protection group Defenders of Wildlife reported finding a loss of habitat for the dunes sagebrush lizard caused by the Permian Basin frac sand mining boom, identifying mining companies by name in the analysis released on Monday.

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Comptroller warns of new efforts to list lizard

Hegar expects petition to be filed this year seeking to have dunes sagebrush lizard listed under Endangered Species Act

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CEO: "Political Risks" Confront Oil & Gas Companies in Colorado

Oil & Gas companies operating in Colorado face "political risks" they don't face in other areas, an oilfield service company executive told attendees at the 5th Frac Sand Conference, held in Denver, Colorado, on September 13. "Colorado is the tip of the spear, the place where industry meets residential communities," Chris Wright, chief executive at Liberty Oilfield Services (Denver, Colorado), told about 130 attendees at a conference organized by Industrial Minerals Events.

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After 100 Years Of Sand Ranching, We’ve Learned A Few Things About These West Texas Dunes

Historically, the sand dune fields in Winkler County Texas have primarily been used for cattle ranching. In the span of 9 months, 14 massive sand mines have been permitted in these ranchers’ backyards. Winkler ranches don’t change hands often – most have been in the same families for generations.

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The Frac Sand Industry Has A Big Problem

As you know, everything is bigger in Texas – ranches, oil fortunes, trucks, you name it. But there’s a certain court case that’s becoming a really big thing… even by Texan standards.

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Ousted Northern Oil & Gas CEO Michael Reger will get $3.75 million package in settlement

Michael Reger, the ousted CEO of Northern Oil & Gas, has settled a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer, agreeing to a cash payment of $750,000 and a stock award valued at just more than $3 million.

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Spectraseis Unveils Surface Microseismic Approach to Provide Insight into Proppant Placement during Hydraulic Fracturing

Spectraseis, an industry leader in surface-based microseismic technology and services has developed a surface-microseismic analysis approach that helps operators visualize the extent of propped fracture lengths during hydraulic fracturing to better diagnose and improve fracturing effectiveness.

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Emerge Energy Services LP: Superior Silica Sands Announces SandGuard™ Proppant Technology

Superior Silica Sands is pleased to announce the introduction of a unique, technically advanced proppant to the oil and gas industry. This new proppant, brand named "SandGuard™", will improve the handling, inner-basin management and job-site implementation of the hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells. With a SandGuard treatment facility in Barron County, Wisconsin, SSS will have the ability to enhance the already strong qualities of its Northern White silica sand as a more protected proppant soon to be marketed to all major North American basins.

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Smart Sand: Future Hinged On Demand For Northern White Frac Sand

At its current share price, Smart Sand, a Midwest producer of Northern White Frac Sand, offers strong upside potential for equity holders willing to subject their portfolio to a considerable amount of commodity price risk.

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Judge Dismisses Mining Company Lawsuit Against Trempealeau County

A La Crosse County judge has dismissed a three-year-old lawsuit brought against Trempealeau County by an Iowa sand mining company denied a permit for a frac sand operation.

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Industry Veteran David S. King Joins Preferred Sands’ Board of Directors

Mr. King, who currently serves as a member of the Investment Committee for Sheridan Production Company, LLC, which oversees investment decisions and strategic planning, previously served as a Director and Chairman of the Compensation and Governance Committee for Seventy Seven Energy, Inc.

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Scott Walker Vetoes Quarry Regulation Restriction

Gov. Scott Walker has vetoed a last-minute provision in the state budget that would have stripped local governments of the right to regulate quarries. Walker is scheduled to sign the $76 billion two-year spending package Thursday at an elementary school in Neenah. His office released a list Wednesday of 99 items he plans to strike or change with his line-item veto authority.

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IST Logistics Truck Tips Frac Sand Load to Avoid Accident with Another Vehicle

An IST Logistics (Illini State) truck tipped over Saturday morning on Hwy. 95 near Green Acres Road outside of Hixton, spilling a partial load of silica sand on the shoulder. The driver, Ali Sipahioglu, told officers a vehicle stopped across from his location on Green Acres Road and pulled in front of the semi truck while he was making a left turn onto Hwy. 95.

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